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Today was day 3 in Toronto and it proved to be a busy one! We went on the Hippo Tour which was like something out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: we rode in a bus that upon command turned into a boat! Being in a bus on Lake Superior was not an experience that I get regularly (as a matter of fact this was my first and probably only time) and I thought it could not be surpassed in the remainder of the day’s activities.

I was wrong!

We visited the CN tower after the Hippo Tour which was amazing! We felt like such celebrities; random people were taking pictures of us and asking to take pictures with us in them! We walked on the glass floor and rode the elevatotor right to the top to take some pictures.

After, we spent the afternoon at The Ballroom bowling before heading out to dinner at a fabulous Greek restaurant, with the reigning Miss Teen World. An all around great day and start to the week!

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“Low self esteem is a problem many girls face in their growing up years, and a lack of self worth can lead to poor choices and regret. Through my experience in pageants, I have learned about who I am and who I want to be; I have learned to love myself for who I am and to accept my flaws. Join me Friday nights at 6 as I take ten girls on a journey to gain confidence, appreciate who they are, and discover their inner beauty.”

Highly Esteemed is a new reality show hosted by Samantha Fraughton that focusses on helping girls gain confidence in themselves through self-expression and development, as well as gaining valuable social skills and an education about the media. Participants will go shopping, take part in photoshoots, learn about personailty types, interview skills, and the deception of advertising.

Goody and Rimmel can help Highly Esteemed participants to look and feel their best while on the show, and offer weekly workshops on hair and makeup. Participants will be outfitted with an array of Goody products for hairstyling as well as awarded a Goody gift basket at the end of the show. Rimmel makeup will also be provided to participants throughout the show, and an online photo contest will be run to promote community leadership and involvement and Rimmel, with the prize being a Rimmel gift basket. In addition to the marketing that Highly Esteemed will provide, sponsors will also have the satisfaction of knowing that they have truly changed the lives of ten young ladies.

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Me and Lindsay after one of her shows opening flowers. Although she’s not in costume the red hair remains!

Anne of Green Gables. Most of us know the story of the redheaded orphan from Prince Edward Island with big dreams, the drive to succeed, a strong will, and a personality to match. In the fall of 2007, my younger sister Lindsay came home from school with the biggest announcement of the year: she had been cast as Anne in the school play Anne of Green Gables!

Seeing my built-in-best-friend, my sister, become Anne Shirley was as natural as seeing a caterpillar become a butterfly: it was meant to happen.

This series was a gift to my sister after her production of Anne

The distributors behind the Anne of Green Gables TV series and movies is Sullivan Entertainment, a Canadian corporation whose first big break was the Anne miniseries in 1985. Since then, they have produced many Anne series and movies, as well as a library of other films and TV shows.

Free the Children is a non-profit organization that has been “children helping children through education” since 1995. Their goal? To free children from the cycle of poverty in developing nations, and free youth in developed countries from the idea that they are powerless to enact that change.

Creating the world of Anne of Green Gables has been what Sullivan Entertainment is best known for, and Anne’s values of optimism, education, and determination are right in step with those of Free the Children. What better way to exemplify them than through the world’s first Anne of Green Gables school in Kenya?

A 5 star performance, just like my sister in her school showing of Anne.

Inspired by the work of Free the Children, Sullivan Entertainment launched, in May 2009, an online fundraiser so that fans could contribute to the building of the Anne of Green Gables school and water filtration system in Maasai Mara, Kenya. Sullivan matched every donated dollar, and donated an extra $5 for every merchandise order placed during May 2009.

Hannah Endicott- Douglas, a Free the Children ambassador and Sullivan actress

Since the school was to be named in Anne Shirley’s honour, Hannah Endicott- Douglas, who plays Anne in the most recent Sullivan Anne series, travelled to Kenya for the opening of the school last summer, along with Sullivan president Trudy Grant. Hannah was also named a Free the Children elementary school ambassador.

Sullivan Entertainment and Free the Children both recognize that although fictitious, Anne Shirley is a girl we can all learn a lot from. The world’s first Anne of Green Gables school is not only a step forward together for Free the Children and Sullivan Entertainment, but will also spread Anne’s infectious optimism, inspiration, and steadfast belief in education throughout the world.

As I heard my sister say many times as Anne,”Isn’t it splendid to think of all the things

Hannah Endicott- Douglas and Trudy Grant at the new Anne of Green Gables school in Kenya!

there are to find out about?”


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